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Casas em Movimento technology applies to any market segment, so whether you want to purchase a House In Motion, a Restaurant In Motion, a Hotel In Motion, or any other type of Building In Motion, we are the right choice.

In the following FAQ we help clarify some of the most common questions:

Q: What is the maximum area for a Building In Motion?

A: There is no maximum area for a Building In Motion. Depending on the area desired by the client, the respective studies in architecture and engineering will be carried out in order to achieve the desired result.

Q: Do you only market the products indicated on the site?

A: No. The products indicated on the site are a reference. If the client wants a project with characteristics different from the products presented, (s)he will be able to get it together with our architecture team.

Q: I already have a building. Can you apply your solution on the top floor?

A: It is, but there are technical implications related to the additional weight the building will have to withstand and also to its shape. Given this, for the moment, the focus of Casas Em Movimento is the construction of new buildings from scratch, which can rotate totality or partially (ex: only rotates the top floor).

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