Hub In Motion

Groups of Smart Buildings, from 40m2 to 50m2 each, which follow the Sun while producing clean energy, with the following uses in mind:
– Resorts In Motion: high-tech and environmentally friendly accommodation spaces;
– Lounges In Motion: spaces to support electric mobility, where users of electric vehicles can wait / work while your vehicle is supplied with clean energy;

– Access allowed to the interior by virtual key;
– Customization of the interior through smartphones, adapted to each user (temperature, music, etc.);
– Able to communicate with the city through external LED screens;
– Produces at least as much energy as consumed;
– If removed from a certain place it does not leave any ecological footprint, as demonstrated in Madrid and Porto;
– Due to partnerships with municipalities, these solutions may be placed in public space otherwise inaccessible.

More information to announce soon.