Casa Em Movimento (House In Motion), Matosinhos

Casas Em Movimento’s most advanced solution, which includes all the movements allowed by our technology:

  • Rotation movement of up to 360º of the whole building, or part, to follow the Sun, or depending on the control of the user (by smartphone);
  • Tilting of the (photovoltaic) cover, allowing windows to be exposed to the sun in winter, and to cats shadows oven them in summer, while creating covered terraces;

These movements also allow the creation of different spaces, adapting to the routine of users, such as:

  • Change of interior spaces: in the morning the kitchen can have 20m2, this space is enough for more rushed meals like breakfast. In the afternoon, the kitchen can relate to the outside, allowing you to interact with this space, especially on sunny days. At the end of the day, the kitchen can be oriented towards the living room, creating a space of 80m2, so that all the family can be reunited;
  • Alteration of exterior spaces: the movement of the roof allows the creation of a terrace and a porch, covered by photovoltaic panels. Because it is designed so as to be in Balance, if it is built on a terrace, or if it has more than one floor, the house itself can serve as a cover for a car (which, being electric, can be supplied by the energetic surpluses of the house itself );

Currently, it is possible to find the demonstrator of this House in Movement in Matosinhos.